IG Green #2

en Label VIG Green #2 was created because I found that I need a green ink… wchich will have a color of simple and peaceful green. The color of this ink is well balanced green with good saturation.

The ink is based on standard iron gall base. At the time of writing we observe slight increase in color saturation of ink, but significant increase in the ink saturation is observed only after several minutes. The color of this ink is one of better centered greens of my production. Personally, color of IG Green #2 reminds me the color of grass in July or color of the leaves of acacia.

IG Green2_woda

As in the case of IG Green #1 dyes used in this ink are also easily washed by water. But text written with this ink remains fully readable after soaking, because iron gall component remains unaffected by water.

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