Green Gold


GreenGold is one of the standard inks, which means that it is based only on dyes that are easily soluble in water. The result is that the ink does not have virtually no water resistance.

Green-Gold ink on Clairefontaine 120g paper
Green-Gold ink on Clairefontaine 120g paper

The color of this ink is a blend of slightly rotten bright green with a touch of yellow. The color of this this ink will depend strongly on wetness of fountain pen and absorbency of paper. The color of the text will range from pale green with yellow shading to rotten green with dark green shading in case of broad wet pens.

Green Gold B Label
Green Gold ink on absorbent copy paper 80g

The ink has hardly typical color, but at the same time it is so subdued that it could be used in official correspondence.

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