Platinum #3776 with C nib

Sometime ago I lost few of my daily pens, as one of replacements I bought this Platinum #3776 with a C nib, this is really broad nib I think I can tell that this is the broadest nib I have seen – for comparision Kaweco B nib or Knox OBB looks pretty anemic in comparison… Continue reading Platinum #3776 with C nib

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  Cherry ink is one of standard inks, this means it is only based on dyes easily soluble in waters. And therefore this ink is not resistant to water. Color of this ink is well balanced red with hints of pink.

Green Gold

GreenGold is one of the standard inks, which means that it is based only on dyes that are easily soluble in water. The result is that the ink does not have virtually no water resistance.

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IG Green #2

IG Green #2 was created because I found that I need a green ink… wchich will have a color of simple and peaceful green. The color of this ink is well balanced green with good saturation.

IG Green #1

IG Green #1 is one of several green iron-gall inks of my production. The color of this ink is not in the type of grassy green, it is very rare to see such shade of green in nature. Personally color of this ink reminds me color of my storm cloak or color of glass bottles.

IG Mandarin

IG Mandarin is one of the less common inks of my production. The color you see in the time of writing is bright orange, which in seconds changes to bright brown, but without the addition of red in it. What distinguish this ink is very nice shadingm, with color coming from saturated orange to bright brown.

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