IG Green #1

en Label HCIG Green #1 is one of several green iron-gall inks of my production. The color of this ink is not in the type of grassy green, it is very rare to see such shade of green in nature. Personally color of this ink reminds me color of my storm cloak or color of glass bottles.

At the time of writing there is no clear change of color , after few seconds we only observe a slight increase in color saturation of this ink. Clear change of color is visible after a few minutes. Among green iron gall inks currently produced by me, color of this inks is definitely moved most forward to turquoise color. There was some concern that color of this ink is green-blue… this statement is both true and false. On different types of paper each ink can have different colors, in case of this particular ink color range from dark green to dark turquoise depending on type of paper and sometimes even lighting.


Although dyes used in IG Green #1 is easily washed off by water, even after water bath text written with this ink remains fully legible.

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